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Music Theory Lesson

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Music Elective Programme

Our music Elective Programme and Music O Level is headed by former HOD of MEP School. A responsible and dedicated teacher with 30 years experience in teaching the Music Elective Programme and O Level Music in MEP schools, will guide you from secondary one to four.


 in set work, unprepared score reading: fundamentals of theory around grade 6 standard, ear-training on various music instruments and pitches. World Music: Chinese, India, Indonesia musical instruments and their functions.


Team of teachers:

Tsien Jiuan Jiaun - University of Adelaide, Australia,  Bachelor of Music (Performance) 2nd Class Honours, 1983 (Colombo Plan Scholarship)

Khoong Shok Meng (M. Mus Ed, BS Music, LMUSTCL, LRSM)