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Violin / Viola / Cello   

Whether you’re looking for a basic course in learning the violin or you’re looking to take things more seriously with a complete classical violin education, , MW Fine Arts Academy is able  to provide you with the best violin education.  


If you are looking for a fun, comprehensive cello education, we offer cello lessons using traditional methods from beginner to advanced levels leading to ABRSM or Trinity board examination.  

Channel your inner virtuoso and follow in the footsteps of Yo Yo Ma. You will fall in love with the sensual, mellow sound of the cello. Or turn up the attitude with its sonorous gritty voice.
If you’re looking to learn and instrument capable of producing both the transparent highs and velvet lows of your inner voice, look no further than taking up this instrument with our comprehensive cello courses, which are some of the best in Singapore.

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