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Theory Class 1
Music Theory Lesson
Music Theory / Music Elective Program
Music Theory
Leading to IPVAEB, IPVAEB/AGME Duo-Certificate, ABRSM oe Trinity Music Theory Exams

Our team of very experienced and qualified teachers, led by Principal Kellie Khoong Shok Meng(Med, BS Music, LMUSTCL, LRSM) have proven track records in producing excellent examination results over the years

Our group theory lesson gives the joy of learning through group dynamics and theory games.  Students are encouraged to use the theory knowledge in their piano pieces also to apply in the understanding of general music in daily life.


We offer special tailor-made Group Rapid Music Theory Classes  in person or online:


Grade 1 to 3 ==> 6 months rapid group lesson

Grade 4 & 5  ==> 6 months rapid group lesson

Grade 6 to 8 ==> 12 months rapid group lesson (must achieved minimum a pass in grade 5 theory exam)

Music Elective Program (MEP)

Our Music Elective Programme and Music O Level is headed by former HOD of MEP School. A responsible and dedicated teacher with 30 years experience in teaching the Music Elective Programme and O Level Music in MEP schools, will guide you from secondary one to four, in set work, unprepared score reading: fundamentals of theory around grade 6 standard, ear-training on various music instruments and pitches. World Music: Chinese, India, Indonesia musical instruments and their functions.


Team of teachers:

Tsien Jiuan Jiaun - University of Adelaide, Australia,  Bachelor of Music (Performance) 2nd Class Honours, 1983 (Colombo Plan Scholarship)

Khoong Shok Meng (M. Mus Ed, BS Music, LMUSTCL, LRSM)

Diplomas in Music:  Theory and Composition

AMUSTCL (Associate of Music Theory of Trinity College of Music, London)

There is no prerequisite needed but a good knowledge of theory foundation, orchestral scores and experience in score analysis are essential.

Lecturer: Khoong Shok Meng (M. Mus Ed, BS Music, LMUSTCL, LRSM)

Course length: 9 - 12 months

Programme Notes for Diplomas in Performance (LTCL, ATCL, LRSM, Dip AB)

Word count requirement:

LRSM: 2000

LTCL:  750-1000

Dip AB: 1100

ATCL: 400-700


Course length:  8 – 12 hours.

Team of teachers:

Khoong Shok Meng (M. Mus Ed, BS Music, LMUSTCL, LRSM)

Nicholas Tan (Dip AB Performance, Bachelor of Social Science)

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